Miles Latham

Designing a Video Content Strategy that works; how to balance the ’need to be seen’ and the emotional power of video

A Talk by Miles Latham (Managing Director, Affixxius Films)

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About this Talk

In the past 5 years, video has gone from a luxury to a necessity for schools that need to attract and retain buyers. As the medium's importance has grown, so has the need for a strategic attitude on how to use video properly. In this talk we'll look at what video is truly good at - what it's less good at (but still used for!) - and how to build a meaningful strategy that balances quality and quantity of output. We'll also take a look at examples of the use of video in different incarnations to illustrate how the theory can be put into practice.

About The Speakers

Miles Latham

Miles Latham

Managing Director, Affixxius Films

With experience in over 600 schools worldwide, Miles is seen as the leading creative and scriptwriter for video content for schools, college, and universities across the globe.