Dana Nelson-Isaacs

Using Market Research to Effectively Recruit and Retain Mission Appropriate Families

A Talk by Dana Nelson-Isaacs (DNI Consulting)

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About this Talk

As schools navigate complex enrollment scenarios and subsequent strategy and planning, understanding the market in which our schools reside is vitally important. Sometimes the market is internal - who are our people? Have they changed over time? And often, the desire is external. Are there kids out there? Where are the people who want what we offer? Have we tapped out the market? Approaching market research can feel daunting, but there are several ways to answer these key questions.

In this session, we'll examine different types of research to create robust quantitative and qualitative data to support enrollment planning. Participants will leave with concrete ideas to get started on the work, or to enhance and refine the work they are already doing.

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Dana Nelson-Isaacs

Dana Nelson-Isaacs

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