Jan Abernathy

Calming the waters: Communicating about DEIB and SEL in a challenging environment

A Talk by Jan Abernathy (Chief Communications Officer, The Browning School)

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About this Talk

An assault on diversity work in schools is underway, and independent school families are taking to social media to voice their dissent about programs that would have hardly been controversial in the pre-pandemic era. It is more important than ever for communicators to understand the threat posed by the media amplification of this dissent, so they can neutralize knee-jerk reactions to inclusive education within their schools before it has a chance to upend crucial programs that students need and deserve. Come hear how to message about your school's diversity and health and wellness initiatives in light of the ever-changing landscape within our schools.

About The Speakers

Jan Abernathy

Jan Abernathy

Chief Communications Officer, The Browning School

Strategic communications and governance expert, brand builder, independent school evangelist